Solarez Suncure Epoxy Resin Surf & SUP Ding Repair Fiberfill UV-Cure | 2oz kit

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Solarez Epoxy Resin ding repair hardens in 1 minute when exposed to sunlight. It's fast, clear, strong and uv-cured. Unlike 2-part epoxies, with Solarez there is no mixing necessary and UV curing assures complete hardening. UV curing provides more complete crosslinking than liquid hardeners and does so at temperatures of -20F. Two part epoxies won't work below 45F. Solarez epoxy, whilst very hard, is still flexible making it remarkably tough and resilient, and contains expensive urethanes that keep it from yellowing.


No mixing required

Cures in UV light


Zero VOC's


2oz Solarez Fibrefill UV curing epoxy resin (dries clear)

60/240 grit 2-sided sanding pad

Size Chart / TVSC

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