Stunned Mullet

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Size: 5'8"

Colour: Blue

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The swallow tail fish has to be one of the most successful surfboard shapes in history. This fish takes inspiration from the old school Steve Lis style fishes but in a more contemporary package. It has a has a nicely pulled in tail and shortboard style rails for a more performance feel. Single to double concave with a flat rocker. Packed with a lot of volume into a short length so sizes down to 5'2 are possible making for incredibly tight arcs with the same blistering speed.

  • Available with FCS twin setup for pure down the line speed. (3 plugs)
  • Or as FCS quad if you want to surf more vertically (The quad setup is also more forgiving on your backhand.). 

Shaped by Matt Barrow 

Length Width  Thickness Volume (L)
5'8" 20" 2 1/2" 34
5'10" 20 3/4" 2 1/2" 36.4
6'0" 20 7/8" 2 5/8" 39.5
6'2" 21 1/4" 2 3/4" 44


Suitable for: Intermediate to expert
Suitable for: 2ft to 5ft waves


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