The The Vines Supply Co Guide to Buying Budget Surfboards

The The Vines Supply Co Guide to Buying Budget Surfboards
Looking for a surfboard but feeling limited by your lack of budget? Look no further, the TVSC Guide to Buying Budget Surfboards has got you covered...


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When it comes to buying your next surfboard, there are 3 things to consider which will have the biggest bearing on the right board for you: 
  1. Your current level of surfing
  2. Where and when you will be using the board
  3. Your budget
All things being equal, the first two points are the most important in determining which type of board you should purchase. However, in this instance, as you're reading the "TVSC Guide to Buying Budget Surfboards" we can assume that you're on a tight budget and so maybe looking for the best surfboard you can get in your price range.
If budget isn't your main criteria, then we would always recommend going for a custom board (contact us here to discuss your requirements) made by local UK shapers. We stock the UK's two best surf brands here at TVSC: Quiver and Adams
Even with a limited budget you can still get something suitable for your ability and the waves you are surfing. Buying off the rack keeps costs down, but there are still things you have to keep in mind, and always be honest with yourself, your surfing will suffer if you purchase a board beyond your capabilities.
What is your current level of surfing?
It goes without saying that this is one of the most important factors in buying any surfboard. As much as you love the look of that shiny new 5'10 shortboard, it wont be any fun to surf if you cannot catch waves or pop up on it.


Always go for a board that will allow you to catch the highest number of waves. The more waves you catch, the faster you will progress and the more fun you will have. Go for a board that has plenty of volume (length x width x thickness = volume). The more a board floats you out of the water, the easier it will be to paddle and catch waves on. If you are just starting out, a longboard or mini-mal will be the best option. If your budget will not allow the purchase of a board suited to your current ability then do not buy one! Continue to rent longer boards until you are comfortable riding something in your price range. 


Check out our current range of surfboard packages, where you get a board with a free board bag and free leash...



Where will you do most of your surfing?


Ensure whatever you buy is suitable for the waves you will surf the most. If you can only afford one surf board then it has to be versatile enough to go in a variety of waves. If you're always in spot, match your board to the wave:
Charging Mullaghmore regularly? Get a gun! Hitting up Fistral day-to-day? A good shortboard will do just fine! Is Coney Beach your local? A Hull, Mal or Longboard is what you should be looking at!


Whichever board you go for, make sure it challenges you and you have the max amount of fun!


See you out there!

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