The Best of 2016 - Oli Adams' 'Trip the Light'

Oli Adams Surf

Were taking a look back at some of our favourite moments from 2016. The release of Oli Adams' 'Trip the Light' was definitely one of them...

"Oli Adams is one of the UK’s premiere wave hunters, dedicating years to searching along our remote and varied coastlines for epic uncrowded waves. In his previous cinematic adventure, The Hunt For Hipmasama, Oli searched for a specific wave he’d seen in a photograph off a remote Island in the UK and eventually found it.

His new film, Trip The Light, premiered a few weeks ago at the London Surf Film Festival and features a winters worth of chasing waves around the British Isles. Filmed over a series of strike missions and sessions at home around Cornwall, for Oli the film was about showing both the variety and quality of the high performance waves on offer as well as the beauty and intrigue of the regions in which they break.


Oli Adams Surfing

Oli throws a full rotator into the wind deep in Cornwall. Photo Luke Gartside


The logistical challenges of making a surf film featuring Britain’s frigid waves cannot be overstated (that’s why there are so few) and this production was not by no means immune. Early mornings, sixteen hour drives, missed ferries, inaccurate forecasts, speeding tickets and the pressures of everyday commitments meant that every wave caught was the result of a long and labour intensive journey and the aligning of a ridiculous amount of  meteorological and logistical variables. However when it all comes together it’s worth all the hardship and in this case, the result is a beautifully atmospheric clip, full of incredible waves.

The film was directed by Oli himself and filmed on a RED, by a variety of filmers, both up and coming and established and including celebrated UK surf film makers Tim Boydell and Mikey Corker.

So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy some of the surfing, waves and surf film making the UK has to offer:



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