Slab Hunting In Scotland With Jayce Robinson

Britain’s small fleet of British surf film makers have been spoiling us recently with high quality surf clips. Last week saw Olly Fawcett drop ‘Those Moments’ featuring Reubyn Ash and now Mr B has released an epic cold water offering featuring Jayce Robinson.

The Thurso Surf Festival 2016 saw big swells and changing winds for days resulting in a pretty epic event with pumping waves at Thurso and Sandside.

Despite making the final, Jayce Robinson still found time to search the north coast of Scotland’s incredible setup. Fortunately there was an abundance of swell, favourable winds and perfect heavy slabbing reefs around every corner.

“We stayed for only a week and managed to score all those epic little slabs and also a few other waves that didn’t featured in the clip” said Jayce “Whilst film maker Mr.B was shooting the Juniors in the contest there were a couple of other cheeky sessions at secret spots scattered within half hour of Thurso.”

“They are all very shallow” said Jayce of the waves featured in the clip “I had a few falls which I thought for sure I’m going to hurt myself, but as fate has it we all came away with no broken bones or even bruises. It does help having all that rubber on mind, if I were surfing in boardshorts I think it would be a different story.”



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