Skateboard Cafe Autumn 2022 Drop | Available Now at The Vines

Skateboard Cafe have recently celebrated 10 years in the UK skate industry. Their steady growth can be attributed to a solid output of videos and a clear idea of where they want their apparel and decks to sit within the market. 

Skateboard Cafe Decks


Skate Cafe was realised as a brand in 2012 when they released a small drop of boards and clothing together alongside a promo (which introduced their first official rider Shaun Currie). Before that 'Skateboard Cafe’ was simply the name of a skate video that was made in 2008. It became a label for the crew of Bristol skaters including Harry Ogilvie and Josh Arnott. 

Founder Rich Smith says the name was originally used simply to give the video a theme. The intro was filmed in a cafe, 50s diner style, with a checkerboard floor  and had jazz music playing so it seemed appropriate and the name stuck.


Skateboard Cafe Diner Deck


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