Northcore Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary

Northcore 10 Year Anniversary / TVSC

Ten years ago the Northcore brand was born in a tiny garden shed on the UK North Sea coast after the founder, Matt Strathern came up with the idea for a unique product which has become the corner stone of surfing security, the “KeyPod’ key safe. From rough drawings to manufacture took almost two years, but once the first Keypod was made he dived all in, leaving a successful city career and launched the business. There was nothing like Keypod on the market so it quickly became a success story. As surfers realised the need for key security a small revolution took place in the market as thousands of surfers and outdoor users the world over welcomed Keypod into their lives.


Northcore Surf Accessories - the birthplace of the KeyPod
The birth place of Northcore


Matt didn’t sit back after the first success as he noticed further opportunities for new practical products so he set about creating them. It was at this stage in 2006 that Northcore was formed as a brand to represent the ever growing range of innovative, market leading products which continues to this day.


Northcore Surf founder Matt Strathern

Northcore founder Matt Strathern at the base of the Cliffs of Moher

Founder Matt Strathern said, "We’re so stoked to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as it’s a kind of recognition of all of our hard work and dedication. It’s been an incredible journey so far highlighted by the friends I’ve made and the places I’ve visited and surfed along the way. We’ve some really exciting plans for 2016 and beyond so we’re fired up!”


Northcore Surf Accessories celebrates 10 years


Since the early shed days Northcore has grown into a globally recognised brand and the 10 year anniversary is a fantastic milestone as it represents the faith business customers and consumers alike have in the brand and their ethos of tough, premium products. Northcore now has a full team of staff based across Europe with partners representing the brand in 14 countries worldwide all of whom will be joining in the celebrations planned throughout 2016 with parties, competitions and more. It’s a dynamic time for the surf industry and Northcore are excited to be part of the story.



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