Irish Coldwater Surf Film Common Ground Launched By Finisterre

Irish Coldwater Surf Film Common Ground Launched By Finisterre

The film shows the team from Finisterre and their ambassadors surfing some outstanding breaks in Donegal, Ireland. 



Time spent in and out of the water with its ambassadors is vital; they form the basis of Finisterre’s cold water community and have done since the beginning. Reconnecting with Tom and the team in Ireland a few months back, filmmaker and friend Luke Pilbeam captured what it means to be a Finisterre ambassador.

“It’s always been about the adventure. It’s also the people who have joined me along this journey. The most exciting thing is that they are united and share a common love of the sea; and each of them has a really interesting story to tell.” – Tom Kay, Founder.


Cold Water Irish Surf film Common Ground


“November saw the team gather for the first time deep in NW Donegal. For some this was the first meet, for others a welcome reunion of familiar faces. We walked far, ate well, surfed hard and lived for a while, sharing stories. Every one of us had been introduced to the sea by our parents, be they surfers, farmers, teachers or sailors. The conversation moved onto how it had shaped our lives, and shed light on what may lie in our futures.

We left with a further shared sense of purpose and common ground, excited to see where our paths take us in 2017 and beyond.” – Matt Smith, Team Manager.

A film by Luke Pilbeam / Shot on location in Ireland.
Photography by David Gray /
Featuring: Easkey Britton, Sandy Kerr, Noah Lane, Fergal Smith, Matt Smith & Tom Kay.



Fergal Smith - Common Ground Surf Film


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