Ed Sheeran's Hoax Clothing Collection

Ed Sheeran For Hoax Clothing

Hoax Clothing ambassador Ed Sheeran picks his favourite pieces from UK skate and surf brand Hoax. Ed has been wearing Hoax Clothing in all of his public appearances recently, including his performance at the Grammy's and Brit's, as well as in his video's for 'Shape of You' and 'Castle on the Hill'

Click on any of the images of Ed Sheeran below to be taken to the Hoax item that he is wearing.


Ed Sheeran Hoax Original Tee   Ed Sheeran in the Hoax Addiction Hoodie Grey   Ed Sheeran in the Hoax Berwick Tee Black   Ed Sheeran in the Hoax Clothing Wait Tee   Ed_Sheeran_Reload_Tee   Ed_Sheeran-Ablaze_Baseball_Tee_grande   Ed Sheeran in the Hoax Addiction Hoodie Black   Hoax Campus Tee worn by Ed Sheeran at the Brits after party 


Watch Ed's video now and see if you can spot him wearing any of the items below...


Hoax Addiction Hoodie   Hoax Addiction Hoodie Grey  



Hoax Sixth Beanie   Hoax Memphis Sweatshirt




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