TVSC recently spoke to renowned UK surf photographer Tim Nunn about his company Esker and a couple of its latest projects 'Numb' and 'The Plastic Project'...

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TVSC: Hi Tim. Your recently launched  company 'Esker' looks like it will be keeping you busy! For those that don't know could you please explain what it is and how it came about?

TIM NUNN: Esker is an umbrella for everything that I do, on my own and in collaboration with other writers, photographers, film makers and publishers. The idea is I can bring together my own experience, join forces with others and create some really cool stuff. In the modern world it's impossible to operate in a bubble anyway, and for years I have been out there shooting and writing, and there are so many projects now that need more than just me to make them work. So Esker is everything, we just collaborated with director Mike Cunliffe, surfer Micah Lester and O'Neill to produce a film and shots for a series called Cold Reality, which became an article, film and a slideshow and film tour which was really interesting. We have two more projects like that one which are secret at the moment but a colab between me an energy drink and a very large website and another which is so nuts if we pull it off the whole world will probably know. All these are happening through Esker and colabs through other people, which is the idea of the company to pull all these together.

TVSC: Tell us about the Plastic Project and how this ties in with Esker...

TIM NUNN: So The Plastic Project came out of my book Numb. Going to remoter and remoter places I always wanted to inspire people to really appreciate the planet around us and get out and enjoy it. However having spent six years doing this I realised there was just more and more rubbish in remoter places. I started talking about it whilst talking about Numb, and the combination of surf, adventure and environmentalism worked, it got through to people, we live in a world where constant stats and environmental problems almost numb us into ignoring them. As a person who is really a communicator I recognised the need to package the message alongside things that people could relate and be inspired by and it is working to great affect. We're now heading on the main bit of the mission, which is through the wilds of the North Atlantic up towards the pole, and the presenting talks around it. You can follow the whole thing and help back the project here -

TVSC: How does the problem in the UK compare with that of the rest of the world?

TIM NUNN: It is a problem that affects every country not he planet. Yes in Asia and Africa and Central America the problem is worse due to lack of waste management, less stringent laws and also a lack of education on the problem, but it is just as acute here. We're lucky we have charities like SAS and 2 Minute Beach clean as well as many grass roots organisations all doing something. But to really solve the problem every individual on the planet needs to take some responsibility and this is the message I try and get across.

TVSC: So it all started with your book Numb. Which UK spots did you document for this book? And can you say where you've been for the second installment?

TIM NUNN: Numb only had Scotland in it from the UK, it was a journey to go wilder and wilder really, so what started in Scotland ended up in the wilderness of Canada and it tells the story of how we got there. The second editions has the same places, Scotland, Iceland, Norway and Canada just with some new trips in there.

TVSC: You run photo workshops to share your many years of experience. What are these like?

TIM NUNN: The weekends are great, and are designed to give people a real grounding in surf photography, from shooting on the beach to the water, post processing and the whole business side of the profession. Everyone leaves the weekend with a solid grounding and can hopefully be built on for their future.

TVSC: And finally what are your favourite UK locations/breaks to shoot?

TIM NUNN: My favourite is No.10 in Scotland, just need to find more people to actually surf it!

TVSC: Where can people find out about and support your projects?

TIM NUNN: At the moment the best way is through, if you're interested in the workshops just drop me an email -


Thanks Tim!


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