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TVSC: Tell us a little about your background...

Samuel Lewis: Part time postman, part time surf photographer based in Cornwall. I've been here for something like 11 years and been surfing for three. The passion for photography came from a early age, 16 to be exact developing 35mm films in a shed, burning and dodging with my hands. Loved it. Now I'm all digital and it means everything’s instant, I can run off 100 shots and have them edited with in couple of hours. I've been living in a caravan for the past 7 months, recently moved thankfully, had no TV or internet just a pack of cows waking me up at 5 am. It amplified my work. To be honest I would recommend it. Gave me the opportunity to really concentrate hard on what I want to do with my life, in-water photography. Been difficult holding down work etc and making time when winds are offshore and the surfs at its best. Yet best surf conditions with great lighting are sound but poor lighting and challenging currents help to. But I make time, I have to otherwise I get edgy.
TVSC: Who's been your inspiration? And how have they helped shape your style?
Samuel Lewis: One name. Morgan Maassen. I'm really Lucky as hes helped me with my photography personally. He's the one photographer who has inspired me the most. Also Zak Noyle who also has given me encouragement recently. Shoot loose and edit tight. Couldn’t agree more. My style is difficult to describe, as it just comes naturally. Working hard, trying to evoke what the atmosphere is like in the photographs. To hold a element of sincerity toward the surfers I photograph, but also liking the Banksy side of the water photography world. Hood up, Snap snap. Silent ninja. I am also collaborating with Newquay local talents William Rudd and Brady Cates hoping to achieve something good for them and epic for me. Also their bro's when there round.


TVSC: Where have been your favourite locations to shoot?
Samuel Lewis: Locations? Not enough. Currently in Newquay frequently hitting all beaches, hopefully I’m going to broaden out. All depends how I'm received. All my works voluntary currently in the efforts to be noticed and for people to be inspired. But I love what I do. If I manage to make one person pumped I'm happy.  Traveling with photography is something to be achieved sooner than later. I just haven’t had the opportunity.
TVSC: What equipment and you currently using?
Samuel Lewis: So I hold down a Cannon Dslr , an Ikelite housing, yes I know not the standard aqua or splash pistol housing, and a pair of bodyboard fins. Little story, had a shoot recently and was so into getting wet I forgot me fins and then lost the surfers I was due to photograph.Gutted. Never leave home unequipped! The Ikelite currently gives me the shots, and is one magic bit of kit. If I'm not happy, I can analyse and re-adjust my shoots whilst out which is important for me. I wanna make the most of a 2.5 hour session and the surfers I'm photographing. 
TVSC: Whats the most challenging thing you face when capturing images?
Samuel Lewis: Being pinned down, the eclipse as I call it, from a sold 3/4 foot can be epic. The adrenaline from a chaser going down the line, dropping myself and watching a quad setup cutting through glass is something pretty special.  I find relaxing in a heavy swell or just generally whilst out is really important. Even if your being pulled towards the rocks, which can be a little daunting.
TVSC: Who is your dream surfer to shoot?
Samuel Lewis: One surfer I would be up for photographing is Craig Anderson, fluid, holds really well and a real free surfer. You know, I love to see a surfer collaborating (as i call it) with a wave, the two become one. Each helping one another. That's the only way I can only put it.
TVSC: What are your future plans?
Samuel Lewis: Forth coming plans? Who knows. I do this for the love of surfing and the ocean. That won't change. Shoot three times a week. Making a living from something you love doing wouldn’t be bad either aye!


Thanks Sam!


You can see more of Sam's images at www.Waives.uk

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