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TVSC spoke recently to irreverrent Kernow shredder Seb Smart about all things surf. See what he had to say about surfing in the UK and taking a mellow approach to competing.


Into De Jungle With Seb Smart


TVSC: Where are you from?Have you always lived at the coast?

Seb Smart: I'm from Cornwall, England. Yeah pretty much, my parents moved to Sennen Cove when I was super young. If you live in Cornwall the coast is never far away. 


TVSC: When did you start surfing?And turn pro?

Seb Smart: Started when I was 3 or 4. Not sure what pro means! Haha, dunno!


TVSC: Favourite surfers?

Seb Smart: Occy, Derek Hynd, Tom Curren, Sam Smart, Miky Picon, Craig Anderson, Kalani Robb


TVSC: Whats your favourite UK wave and why?

Seb Smart: Sennen cove with the right banks, it's fickle but when the stars align shes turns onnn!!!

TVSC: What about worldwide?

Seb Smart: Uluwatu, Bali, or Sumatran Pipeline in South Sumatra. I really like the look of that wave in Namibia, I'd really love to check that out!


TVSC: Favourite maneuver?

Seb Smart: Probably a good old bottom turn into a nice carve, its like that whole connection and feeling of release of tension. Can't beat a good tube either!


TVSC: What do you most enjoy about surfing in the UK ? And most dislike?

Seb Smart: I like the temprature of the sea in the summer, and I love how it doesn't get dark till about 10:30 at night, the sea's clean and there's no sharks or dodgy jellyfish to worry about, it's real mellow here which I know some people from other countries in the world would find hard to believe. A lot of people think it's brown water and freezing, but in fact it can be more tropical than most places I've visited. I don't like the winter that much, like wearing boots and thick wetsuits, its sweet if you got a good suit and that, but still its something I'm not really mad keen on, it gets dark well early, summer can be inconsistent with swells which can be pretty hard to deal with too.


TVSC: What are your thoughts on competitive surfing?

Seb Smart: Yeah I think it's pretty cool, its exciting to watch especially when you get some real unique surfers all in the same heat. I fell out with competing at quite a young age though, everything suddenly got serious. I grew up surfing with good friends not caring about anything just trying silly fun things and not following any kind of rules. When I started competing I began to get serious and angry and surf a bit differently. Suddenly if a wave didn't go my way I'd kick off where as I used to love that shit, I can't blame anyone for that though, competing just isn't really me I don't think. Maybe I'll do it again. maybe I wont. I think it's cool, I definitely see why people do it. It is a good buzz having a good session in a comp.



Seb slaying his local


TVSC: What do you like to do on flat days? Stay in shape? 

Seb Smart: I usually skate. There's a bowl near by and me and friends skate that, get a few beers play some tunes and just kind of surf the bowl I guess on skateboards, its cool doing carves and slash grinds and all that. Hurts when you slam though, I've broken many bones skating. When it rains I dunno, don't mind gettin stuck into anything really. See what me mates are doin innit! I used to be well into boxing, that was good fun.


TVSC: Who are your sponsors?

Seb Smart: Afends, Vans, Deflow, Melon Optics, Narval Wetsuits and B.O.S surfboards


TVSC: What does the future hold for you?

Seb Smart: Dunno who cares about the future. Thinking about something that doesn't exist yet just seems insane.

TVSC: Yeah, true! Anything else?

Seb Smart: Shaakkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaa :) take it easy!


TVSC: Cheers Seb!!




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