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TVSC caught up with Luis Eyre recently to get his views on surfing in the UK and to find out what he's been up to and what his plans are for the near future...

TVSC: Hey Luis. Where did things all start for you?

Luis Eyre: I'm from Manchester originally but I've lived in Portugal for 12 years now.



TVSC: When did you start surfing?

Luis Eyre: I started surfing here in Portugal when I was 10.



TVSC: Who are your favourite surfers?

Luis: I have so many for different types of waves, couldn't pick just a few!


TVSC: What would be your favourite UK wave and why? What about worldwide?

Luis: Errmm, I only really surf Fistral when I'm over, world wide it would have to be Coxos!


TVSC: Favourite maneuver?

Luis: Carves 


TVSC: What do you most enjoy about surfing in the UK ? And most dislike?

Luis: The freedom of doing whatever you want on a wave & dislike would be crowds 


TVSC: What are your thoughts on competitive surfing? 

Luis: Its alright, I've kind of gone off it now though to be honest.


TVSC: What do you like to do on flat days? Stay in shape?

Luis: Edit films, paint, fifa & gym


TVSC: Who are your sponsors?

Luis: Sanuk, Quiver Surfboards , Oakley , Stance , Futures fins , Sneakaces, Beyond & surfers skin


TVSC: What does the future hold for you?

Luis: More films. I'm happy to have just released my first short film " Alien Invader " 
Luis Eyre's 'Alien Invader'


TVSC: Where can we check out your products/videos/stuff?

Luis: Insta : LuisEyre Website/Blog


Cheers Luis, film is sick!


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