TVSC - 6 months on...

TVSC - The Home of UK Board Sports

We cant get our over the fact that TVSC has been trading for 6 months already, there has been lots happen in such a short space of time. We wanted to take a little time to reflect on what has been, and what is yet to come...

The beginning

TVSC was started with the intention of giving UK based board sports brands a platform to showcase their talent and creativity. In a market that to us seemed stagnant and uninspiring, the corporate, mass market mentality was rife. TVSC began with the ambition of helping the dreamers and risk takers, those with the passion and desire to create something unique and that they can truly believe in.

Created as a new concept in board sports retail, we aim to help independent skate, surf and snow businesses gain exposure in the industry and flourish. We know that by bringing all of these amazing homegrown brands together in one place, and by promoting their growth, the British scenes will benefit in a huge number of ways. Increased investment in facilities, a better competitive circuit and more UK riders making a living from their sports. First and foremost, we want to shout about the amazing jobs that our brands and their riders are doing. The UK will be a better place for everyone to slide sideways.




With over 30 independent UK brands now being sold at, the movement is gaining momentum and is becoming recognised by the industry as a positive vehicle for change.
We support some really worthwhile UK charities, who's work has a tangible affect on the places that we ride and on the ways our way of life can impact on peoples lives. Since our inception, TVSC has pledged to become a carbon neutral retailer by 2016, and we know that by working with our brand partners we can continue to improve the eco-friendliness and ethicality of the product that we offer for sale. Our product offer continues to grow and we hope soon to have every area, across apparel, hardware and accessories, completely covered.

Our blog, #BritishBoardCulture, has recently changed to now include a 'Rider Profile' section where we interview UK based skaters, surfers and snowboarders to get their thoughts on the UK scene and what it is to be a British shredder.

The future

We hope to be able to add more labels to TVSC in 2015, and will continue to strive to make the home of UK based board sports brands. We see big things happening for our brand partners and we aim to be there every step of the way.

We'd like to say a massive thanks to all of the brands that have supported us so far, we know there is much more to come and were stoked to see where things will take us!


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