Brand Profile: '.IndiSurfer'

This weeks Brand Profile installment sees us speaking with surf accessory company .IndiSurfer. Founder and owner Bekah Wilson gives us the lowdown on her business and her thoughts on the UK surf scene:

TVSC: Please give an overview on when, how, where and why the company began?

Bekah: The company began in early 2014 as a hobby and quickly evolved into a brand. Within 2 months of launching the website we were offered a spot on the TVSC website. I enjoy creating and I wanted a brand as an outlet for my views and philosophy on life. It's very difficult to put into words what .Indisurfer is about. I like to think that my actions will speak louder than any words will.


TVSC: Who is on the management team, and what are their backgrounds?

Bekah: There is just me on the management team. I run .Indisurfer by myself alongside my full time job. I'm also a freediver, scuba diver, swimmer and musician -there are many strings to my bow I'll have you know :)


TVSC:What is the company ethos?

Bekah:.Indisurfer believes in passion for sport, honesty, respect and integrity. We support freesurfing and caring for our oceans. We also support the RNLI through the bracelets that we sell and we donate monthly to The Wave Project UK. You can also find our company logo on The Wave Project van.


TVSC: What sets you apart from your competitors?

Bekah: Our products are fairly priced and we listen to our customers. The customers come first and the more feedback we get, the more the company can evolve and move forward. As we grow, we will continue to donate to The Wave Project and hope to raise more funds to support other surf charities and organisations.

TVSC: Which athletes do you currently have on your team?

Bekah: Sian Graham, Sam Graff and Charley Fox.


TVSC: Where are you manufacturing your products?

Bekah: In Northwest England.

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TVSC: What do you see for the future of your company?

Bekah:.Indisurfer is still in it's infancy so I'm really unsure about the answer to that question to be honest!


TVSC: What do you see for the future of the industry in the UK?

Bekah: I hope that surfing can be recognised more as a sport which will help British surfers to gain more funding. I would also like to see surfing at the Olympics in the future.


TVSC: Rad, and where can we check out your other products/videos/stuff?

Bekah:,, and

Thanks Bekah

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