Coldwater Hotspots


Let’s take a look at a few coldwater hotspots, regions widely known for their high excellence in wave quality and incredibly cold water temperature. With well-known surf competitions such as the O’Neill Coldwater Classic and increasing coverage in print and online surf publications, surfing in these locations is now becoming a subject of everyone’s daily conversation and thought.


Thurso East is an excellent right-breaking reef located on the northern coast of Scotland. Scotland’s coastline is littered with slabby slabs and abrupt ledges created by stratified rock consisting of laminated sandstone. Whether rain, storm, or sun, these North Atlantic reefs consistently create mechanical waves.


Eastern Canada is located along one of the coldest seas on the planet. The region’s surf spots have been featured in contests such as the Red Bull Ice Break in Nova Scotia. Surfers wear boots, gloves, hood, and reportedly coat their faces in Vaseline to protect from frost burn. Swell tends to be fickle, but when it’s coming in, it will probably be worth considering the possibility of paddling out.


Norway’s Lofoten islands are located within the Arctic Circle. But temperatures are not as cold as you might expect. The region is home to a positive temperature anomaly created by the North Atlantic Current. In a few areas of the archipelago, temperatures remain above freezing year round. Norway has been experiencing publicity in surf films such as ‘Arctic Surf’. Further coastlines have been explored along the Berents Sea and the border of Russia.


Like eastern Canada, New England is very very cold. It’s here that coastal geology transitions from wide sandy beaches and dunes to rocky formations and cobblestone reefs. Coastal access is difficult, however. It’s one of the coldest place to surf in the United States.


Iceland is exciting territory for coldwater breaks. Well-kept roads make coastal access manageable during the warmer seasons. Its active volcano landscape creates countless geological formations perfect for the formation of excellent waves. Recently a coldwater surf camp opened for surf travelers keen to venture into new territory, and the region was features in Taylor Steele’s Castles In The Sky film.


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