The newest UK surf wear brand to drop at TVSC, The Surf Liquor, dropped by for a chat about their philosophy on design and clothing. See what Surf Liquor founder Jonny Cosserat has to say about hts rad brand...

TVSC: Please give an overview on when, how, where and why the company began?

The Surf Liquor: Surf Liquor comes from a road trip that ended up on the west coast of the US. A long lazy summer in LA ensued in an apartment behind a local liquor store. Inspired by that laid back California way of life and early surf and skate culture. A lifestyle brand was created that represented this freedom of spirit.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain”. - Jack Kerouac


TVSC: Who is on the management team, and what are their backgrounds?

The Surf Liquor: Surf Liquor was formed by me, Jonny Cosserat, with the support and contribution of designers, photographers and artists. A network built up over the years working in the design industry.


The Surf Liquor - Contemporary Surf Wear 

TVSC: What is the company ethos?

The Surf Liquor: With a focus on sourcing manufactures that deliver limited edition collections with true craftsmanship and quality in every piece.


TVSC: What sets you apart from your competitors?

The Surf Liquor: By using carefully selected fabrics for broken in comfort or durability, products are everyday essentials with an aesthetic that is understated and easily worn.


TVSC: Could you tell us about in your environmental credentials?

The Surf Liquor: We always aim to use manufacturers based in Europe to reduce the brands carbon footprint and fabrics that are responsibly sourced and manufactured.


The Surf Liquor - UK Surf Brand / TVSC 

TVSC: What do you most enjoy about skating/surfing/snowboarding in the UK ? And most dislike?

The Surf Liquor: Having spent my summers as a kid with my family from Cornwall, there’s always that nice nostalgic feeling whenever I’m down there by the coast. Now based in London, it’s such a melting pot of creative like minded people but also way too much stress. So whenever possible you’ll find me in the more laid back environment of Spain, where my wife is from.


TVSC: How do you support UK athletes and the wider skate/surf/snow community?

The Surf Liquor: When possible we try to get Surf Liquor behind something that really resonates with the brand. Like the collaboration we did with artist Lucas Beaufort during his LBProject, or supporting young up and coming surfers in South Africa. I have some really close friends in Cape Town that I will always have a lot of time for.


TVSC: Which athletes do you currently have on your pro team?

The Surf Liquor: We don’t have a pro team. That’s way too serious for us! It’s about having fun and enjoying the journey.


TVSC: Where are you manufacturing your products?

The Surf Liquor: We manufacture jackets & outerwear here in the UK, and jersey and sweats in Portugal.



TVSC: What do you see for the future of your company?

The Surf Liquor: Who knows, as long as people continue to like the vibe and get behind us, the journey will go on into further lands beyond these shores.


TVSC: What do you see for the future of the industry in the UK?

The Surf Liquor: Hopefully bright. There are some amazing manufacturers in the UK. We think it’s better to have something that is well made instead of a whole bunch of not so great things.

Thanks Jonny! you can check out the current Surf Liquor collection here...


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